Quick Release Saver

Save time. Save money. Save all that frustration.

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The no hassle way to release pressure on your hydraulics.

Save hundreds of dollars.

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on replacement couplings with this clever and simple to use tool. 

A one-time investment will save you time, money and frustration.

Relieve residual oil.

Avoid being showered in oil while connecting hydraulic hoses. 

Simply wind out the central pin, attach to the fitting, and wind in the pin to release hydraulic pressure.

Pressure tested to 5000psi.

Enables joining of couplers under pressure by the clean and controlled release of static oil pressure which can be saved for reuse or safe disposal. 

Saves wearing out couplers.

What our customers are saying.

The Quick Release Saver takes the frustration, danger and mess away from those high pressure situations.

Such a simple idea, and so easy to use.

I recommend a set of quick release savers to every farmer and contractor.

Wayne Fleck, Riverton

I have been an Agricultural Contractor for 14 years. The Quick Release Saver is extremely useful when towing gear around especially behind vehicles. It means we don’t require a tap on any hydraulic hoses. The odd time we forget to release the pressure off the hoses, this tool makes releasing the high pressure hoses extremely safe and up to our Health & Safety requirements.

This is a necessary tool in all our employees toolboxes.

Alex Reid Contracting

The quick release savers stay solely in our baler tractors, they work perfect to release the massive pressure the baler holds after being parked up in the shed.

It has saved us multiple fittings due to staff tapping the fittings to release the pressure. Would highly recommend to any farmer or contractor that battles with these issues.

Campbell Bonnar, Owner - Bonnar Brothers Contracting

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Wherever you are, you don't need the hassle of messy couplings.